Books on Idoma

SNo. Titlesort descending Author
1 A History of the Peoples of Benue State, Vol 1 Y. Ochefu, A. Varvar and J. Iyo
2 A West African Inquest Robert G. Armstrong
3 African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity (African Expressive Cultures) Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
4 Alekwu Poetry as a Source of Historical Reconstruction: The Pursuit of Idoma-Otukpo Origin, Genealogy and Migration Amali, Idris O.O.
5 Art, Society and Performance: Igede Praise Poetry Ode Ogede
6 Benue politics and the Idoma question, 1968-1993 Joseph Ujah Ukpoju
7 Edwin Ogbu Y. Ochefu (ed.)
8 Idoma bibliography, 1848-1987 Idris O.O. Amali
9 Idoma Musical Instruments Roger Blench
10 Idoma nationality, 1600-1900: Problems in studying the origins and development of ethnicity Erim Odey Erim
11 Idomaland under the British colonial administration: Some reflections on the nature and effects of the colonial policy c.1908-c.1950 G. E Ode
12 Ije: The performance traditions of the Idoma Jenkeri Okwori
13 Indigenous Nigerian Oral Drama as an Instrument of Social Regulation: A study of Ogbllo Secret Society of Idoma Amali, Idris O.O
14 Man of Courage and Character: The Ogbuluko War in Colonial Idomaland A.P. Anyebe
15 Masquerade Performance Tradition of Idoma: Issues of Limitation and Methodological Approaches in Research Anyebe, Ted
16 Men in the middle : leadership and role conflict in a Nigerian society Alvin Magid
17 Morpho-Phonemic Hindrances to Standard Idoma Orthography Geoffrey Oche Apeh
18 Okpa Oje k'Idoma Joseph Onka Oblete
19 Perspectives on Cross-Gender Relations in a Traditional Society: A Study of the Idoma of Central Nigeria Okpeh O Okpeh Jr.
20 Prolegomena to the Study of the Idoma Concept of God Robert G. Armstrong
21 Searching for the Philosophy of Negritude in African Music: A Critical Study of 2Face Idibia’s African Queen Abah Ikwue
22 Talking Drums in the Benue-Cross River Region of Nigeria Robert G. Armstrong
23 The Class System of Igede Nouns Michael A. Abiodun
24 The Derivation of Genitive Nouns in Four Benue-Congo Languages: Yoruba, Ukaan, Igede and Ebira Michael A. Abiodun
25 The Economic Foundations of Idoma Society 1860-1960 Y. Ochefu
26 The Idoma inquest : a bilingual presentation in Idoma and English together with Odegwudegwu : an original bilingual play in Idoma and English Samson O. O Amali
27 The Idoma language, Idoma wordlists, Idoma chrestomathy, Idoma proverbs Roy Clive Abraham
28 The Idomoid languages of the Benue and Cross-River Valleys Robert G Armstrong
29 The Life and Times of Och'Idoma II Inalegwu Odeh
30 The Nigerian dreams and realities: A bilingual play in Idoma and English S. O. O Amali
31 The Principles of Idoma Roy Clive Abraham
32 The Symbolic Death of Monarchs in the Process of Installation in Idoma Land: A Paradigm for Fighting Corruption in Nigeria Oduma-Aboh, Solomon Ochepa
33 Vowel Sandi and Word Division in Igede Richard Bergman