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S# Namesort descending Gender Meaning
1 Abahi Feminine


2 Aboh Masculine

War Lord

3 Achieni Feminine


4 Ada Masculine


5 Ãdãh Masculine

Father of nations

6 Adakole Masculine

Father of the family

7 Adam Masculine

My Father

8 Agaba Masculine


9 Agbenu Feminine

A child is wealth

10 Ajetamene Masculine

Soft Landing

11 Akoche Unisex

My own

12 Akum Feminine

My own

13 Alechenu Masculine


14 Anyaole Feminine

Women are makers of a home

15 Anyebe Masculine


16 Apeh Masculine

Apeh is the Idoma name for scabbard, the sheath scabbard used in protecting a sword.

17 Ebo Feminine


18 Echayine Feminine

Family makes the world

19 Edugwu Feminine

Home of blessing

20 Eghahikowoicho Unisex

The beauty of God

21 Ehik'owoicho Feminine

God's Gift

22 Eje Masculine


23 Ejelikwu Masculine

Born for death (usually given when there has been frequent deaths of newborns in the family)

24 Ek'oche Masculine

My own

25 Ekondu Masculine

The lord's own

26 Ekowo Feminine

God's time

27 Elakeche Feminine

Mysteries of the world

28 Emiene Feminine

Man proposes, God disposes

29 Emoche Masculine

Born a King

30 Enayi Feminine

Mother of children

31 Ene Feminine


32 Enekole Feminine

Mother of the family

33 Enenche Masculine

Good tidings (Thanks to God for seeing the dawn of a new day)

34 Enoche Feminine

Mother of a King

35 Enogela Masculine

There is a time for everything

36 Ewache Masculine

Majority decision rules

37 Ichekani Masculine

Tomorrow cannot be forseen

38 Igba Masculine

A warrior (someone very strong man who cannot be defeated)

39 Igbe Feminine

My portion

40 Ihotu Unisex


41 Ijewoda Feminine

Money is a source of pride

42 Ikwulono Unisex

Death is painful

43 Inalegwu Masculine

I have been vindicated

44 Inyofu Masculine

Man of strength (name is common amongst the people of Eguma in Agatu Local Government Area)

45 Itodo Masculine


46 Iyowoichofe Unisex

God's will or plan is greater

47 Ngbede Masculine


48 Obe Masculine


49 Obiabo Unisex

Someone who is generous

50 Obiye Feminine