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S# Name Gendersort descending Meaning
1 Abahi Feminine


2 Onyemowo Feminine

Who knows tomorrow?

3 Ochanya Feminine


4 Ogodo Feminine

Mother of all mums

5 Enekole Feminine

Mother of the family

6 Obiye Feminine


7 Ene Feminine


8 Owoloyi Feminine

Every child belongs to God

9 Ochefije Feminine

A human is worth more than money

10 Ijewoda Feminine

Money is a source of pride

11 Oyiwoda Feminine

A child is a source of pride

12 Echayine Feminine

Family makes the world

13 Oofuni Feminine

God's grace is not sourced by force

14 Ehik'owoicho Feminine

God's Gift

15 Onyeyibo Feminine

A beautiful child.

16 Anyaole Feminine

Women are makers of a home

17 Achieni Feminine


18 Owagoyi Feminine

Only God can give a child

19 Ohi Feminine

Beautiful, beauty, good

20 Ogwa Feminine


21 Edugwu Feminine

Home of blessing

22 Igbe Feminine

My portion

23 Ogwa Feminine

Rainy Season

24 Oya Feminine


25 Ekowo Feminine

God's time

26 Enayi Feminine

Mother of children

27 Ojonya Feminine

Extremely beautiful

28 Emiene Feminine

Man proposes, God disposes

29 Onyiloko Feminine

Woman of strong virtues

30 Elakeche Feminine

Mysteries of the world

31 Oganya Feminine

Women Leader

32 Onyeche Feminine

Who wants to be relegated?

33 Onyechi Feminine

A child dedicated to the gods

34 Onyeje Feminine

Who knows tomorrow

35 Oyife Feminine

A child is greater than wealth

36 Oyibinga Feminine

I can endure for a child

37 Agbenu Feminine

A child is wealth

38 Ebo Feminine


39 Enoche Feminine

Mother of a King

40 Akum Feminine

My own

41 Ogebe Masculine


42 Ãdãh Masculine

Father of nations

43 Eje Masculine


44 Adakole Masculine

Father of the family

45 Omale Masculine

A renowned scribe

46 Ocholuje Masculine

A tree with spikes, that cannot be rushed upon

47 Aboh Masculine

War Lord

48 Igba Masculine

A warrior (someone very strong man who cannot be defeated)

49 Ichekani Masculine

Tomorrow cannot be forseen

50 Emoche Masculine

Born a King