Apa Local Government Area

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Apa local government area with headquarters in Ugbokpo is one of the councils created in August 1991. The local government area shares boundary with Agatu, Otukpo and Gwer West local government areas of Benue State to her north, south and east respectively while to her west, she is bordered by Ankpa and Omala local government areas of Kogi State.

Apa local government area is blessed with abundant forest resources and is one of the main sources of timber to big towns like Otukpo. The local government area is also known for her agricultural product with cassava, maize, yam, melon and guinea-corn the main farm produce from the local government area.

Quantities of gypsum, limestone and salt have been found in Apa local government area and these mineral resources have the potential for commercial exploration.

Other towns and villages in the local government area aside from Ugboko include Iga-Okpaya, Ikobi, Odugbo, Oiji, Ofoke, Oba Alifeti, Idada, Ojantela, Edikwu-Icho and Ogbobi.

The people of the Apa local government area predominantly speak a dialect of Idoma language.