Ijachi Odeh

1. Wahab Adesina
Wahab Adesina might not be a familiar name to you if you were born in the 1990s or later years but for those who grew up in Otukpo in the 1980s; the name would definitely ring a bell.
2. Lady Enikpa Attah (Late)
The birth of Lady Martha Onyachowe Attah (nee Ikpa), MON on 25th July 1934 was joyously celebrated by her parents, Ikpa and Oya Ogbole. Their celebrations were to the consternation of their relatives and friends, who could not understand their happiness when they were yet to have a baby boy, typical of attitudes abound in early 20th century Idoma Land.
3. Prof. Robert Gelston Armstrong (Late)
Late Professor Robert Gelston Armstrong, Odejo K’Idoma, was born on 29th June 1917 in Danville, Indiana, USA and attended Western Hills High School in Cincinnati, graduating in 1934. Armstrong’s love for languages was apparent in High School and by the time he left Western Hills, 17 year old Armstrong had a good understanding of Latin, French & German. He then proceeded to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio where he graduated in 1938 with a major in Economics and a minor in Sociology.
4. Dr Roy Clive Abraham (Late)

Late Dr Roy Clive Abraham was born on 16th December 1890 in Melbourne Australia and had his early education at University College London Preparatory School (now University College School); Clifton College, Bristol and Heidelberg College.

5. Dr Edwin Idoko Obe (Late)
Late Dr Edwin Idoko Obe (Osonyenta K’Idoma and Odejo Owukpa) was born on 3rd April 1937 in Ai’Roga, Itabono-Owukpa and began his primary education in Otukpo in 1942 following the relocation by his family from Owukpa to Otukpo a couple of years earlier.
6. Godwin Odumu Obla, SAN, FCIArb
27th November 1962 in Kaduna was an exciting day in Joseph Obla’s household as his lovely wife, Mami, gave birth to their 5th child, a son he would name Godwin Odumu Obla.
7. HRH, Agabaidu Ajene Okpabi - Och’Idoma II
His Royal Highness, Agabaidu Abraham Ajene Okpabi, Och’Idoma II was born in 1924 in Ito district of present day Obi Local Government Area of Benue State. HRH, Ajene Okpabi attended Idoma Metropolitan Primary School Otukpo (now Methodist Central Primary School Otukpo) between 1932 and 1940 where his leadership qualities were first noticed and he was made Head Boy in his final year in primary school.
8. HRH, Agabaidu Edwin Ogbu - Och'Idoma III
HRH, Dr Edwin Ogebe Ogbu was born on 28th December 1926 to Chief Ogbu Iyanga, the paramount Chief of Utonkon and Mrs Eje Ogbu. He attended primary schools in Utonkon and Igumale before proceeding to the famous Methodist College Uzuakoli in 1938 where he excelled and came out with division one in the Cambridge School Certificate Examination (one of the precursors to modern day Senior School Certificate Examination) in 1945.
9. Agatu Local Government Area
Agatu local government area was created in 1996 with Obagaji as its headquarters. The local government shares boundary with Apa and Gwer West local government areas of Benue State as well as with Omala local government area of Kogi State and Keana local government area of Nasarawa State.
10. Obi Local Government Area
Obi local government area was in 1996 and has its headquarters at Obarike-Ito. The local government area derives its name from the Obi stream that flows in the area and shares boundary with Ado, Otukpo and Oju local government areas of Benue State.
11. Ado Local Government Area
Ado local government area, which derives its name from the Ado stream, was created in 1989 and has five districts Agila, Igumale, Ulayi, Ijigban and Utonkon with its headquarters in Igumale.
12. Apa Local Government Area
Apa local government area with headquarters in Ugbokpo is one of the councils created in August 1991. The local government area shares boundary with Agatu, Otukpo and Gwer West local government areas of Benue State to her north,  south and east respectively while to her west, she is bordered by Ankpa and Omala local government areas of Kogi State.
13. Ohimini Local Government Area
himini local government area was created in 1996 and has its headquarters in Idekpa. The local government area is bordered by Otukpo and Okpokwu local government areas of Benue State as well as Olamaboro and Ankpa local government areas of Kogi State. The local government area derives its name from the beautiful Ohimini stream that flows in the area.
14. Oju Local Government Area
Oju local government area was created in 1976 and shares boundary with Obi, Ado, Konshisha and Gwer East local government areas of Benue State, Ebonyi and Izzi local government areas of Ebonyi State and Yala local government area of Cross River State.
15. Okpokwu Local Government Area

Okpokwu local government area was created in 1976 and takes its name from the Okpokwu stream. The local government area is made up of Okpoga, Edumoga and Ichama districts with Okpoga as the headquarters.

16. Professor Shamsudeen Amali (OFR)
Professor Shamsudeen Onyilokwu Onche Amali was born on 29th January 1947 in Upu, Otukpo Local Government Area to the family of Mallam Aliyu Amali.
17. Daniel Amokachi
Daniel Owefin Amokachi, the Nigerian living football legend, was born in Kaduna on 30th December 1972 to Mr. Ikwulechin Amokachi who hails from Otukpa in Ogbadibo Local Government Area.
18. Gabriel Amanyi (Terry G)
Gabriel Oche Amanyi aka “Terry G”, the first child of four children born to Lagos based clergy parents, attended Starfield Educational Centre in Lagos.
19. Owukpa
Owukpa (derived from the word Awokpa, meaning “people of the water area”) is one of three districts that make up Ogbadibo Local Government Area, the other two been Orokam and Otukpa.
20. Otukpo Town

Otukpo Town is the headquarters of Otukpo local government area and is also home to the Och’Idoma Palace. Otukpo Town is a metropolitan town and the most developed place in Idoma land with a good presence of amenities such as roads, hospitals, schools, water and telecommunications.