Books about Idoma

1. A History of the Peoples of Benue State, Vol 1 by Y. Ochefu, A. Varvar and J. Iyo
3. A West African Inquest by Robert G. Armstrong
10. Edwin Ogbu by Yakubu A. Ochefu (editor)
12. Idoma bibliography, 1848-1987 by Idris O.O. Amali
13. Idoma Musical Instruments by Roger Blench
29. Profile of the Language Situation: Idoma by Odumuh, Adama Emmanuel
32. Religion of the Idoma by David Onu Salifu, PhD
38. The Class System of Igede Nouns by Michael A. Abiodun
41. The Idoma Ethnic Group: A Historical and Cultural Setting by Okpeh O. Okpeh and Yakubu A. Ochefu
48. The Principles of Idoma by Roy Clive Abraham