The Alekwu Festival among the Idoma of Central Nigeria: Implication for Curriculum Planners in the Nigerian Educational System

Every African society has a believe system that regulates the daily activities of such a society. Almost all Africans believe that there is an unseen supernatural world apart from the natural world we live in. this other world is believed to be inhabited by beings that are the source of our knowledge of good and evil. The world watches and judges us, and if we offend them, they may have to be appeased with prayers and sacrifices.

It is from this perspective that Alekwu Festival which is anchored on the Idoma belief system is discussed and analysed in this paper. This is in recognition of the fact that Alekwu festival has continued to exert strong influence on Idoma people's way of life. Thereafter, the implication of this belief system and other similar ones to curriculum planners in Nigeria is discussed. It is concluded that if effectively harnessed, the Alekwu festival and other similar festivals will form the basis for the infusion of ethics and its study in our Nigerian schools.

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Olabamiji Salam - Sun, 14-May-23 - 15:12

I love this it give me more understanding

Ene - Tue, 23-Nov-21 - 10:32

Please when was this book published?