Communal Conflict, Internal Displacement and Livelihood Security: An Analysis of the Agila Situation

Sunday Orinya
International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE), Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2016, PP 80-88

The communal conflict between the people of Agila in Benue State and Ngbo of Ebonyi State of Nigeria over land has been trans-generational. Since 1925 when the first out-break of hostility between the two communities was reported, the natural resource conflict over land has defied all attempts at resolving it. In its dynamics of degeneration, the conflict has witnessed instances of killings, kidnapping and wanton destruction of property resulting in internal population displacement and livelihood crisis.

This paper analyses the impact of population displacement arising from the Agila/Ngbo communal conflict on livelihood security in Agila community. Relying on qualitative descriptive analysis of empirical data and secondary sources, the paper posits that population displacement arising from this conflict has had dire impact on livelihood security on the depleted population in Agila community.

The paper recommends a strategic relief and humanitarian assistance by government and donor agencies to the displaced persons and urgent pragmatic steps through a process of conflict analysis to resolve the age-long conflict.

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