Era of Pentecostalism in Idomaland

This is part of a wider study of the advent of Christianity of Idomaland of Benue State. Christianity reached Idomaland in 1924 but the turf was left for the Roman Catholics, Methodists and Anglicans for many years. From the 1950s, however, Pentecostals found their way into Idomaland, first with the arrival of the Aladuras, otherwise known as the praying people.  Despite traditional practices that militate against the growth of Pentecostal worship in Idomaland, the growth has been steady and encouraging. Today, there are more than 150 Pentecostal churches with branches in virtually every village in Idomaland. Activities of the Pentecostals have impacted positively on the attitude of the Idoma towards Christianity. This study takes a closer look at the growth of Pentecostals in Idomaland since the 1950s.

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