Abigail Akpa
Research Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies Vol. 3 No.4, 2017
Idoma Lady

Institutionalising Idoma Cultural Heritage through the Dress Code Emblem ‘ATU’

The study gives an exposition of the Idoma cultural identity and how this heritage is promoted through the cultural emblem “ATU”. The Idoma dress code is a fabric designed in two major beautiful colours: black and red with gold colour lining in the middle. The study x rayed and highlighted the symbolism and connotations of these colours with a view to creating awareness and consciousness in the psyche of every Idoma son and daughter wearing the attire so that they may be able to enlighten anyone who cares to know thereby promoting and institutionalising the Idoma cultural heritage.

The origin of the Idoma people vis-a-vis their present state and status was also traced. Based on the findings of the study, the various colours in the cultural emblem have the following connotations: Red connotes the power, authority, and strength bestowed on Idoma people by their fallen heroes and ancestor’s (the alekwu). Black arouses consciousness of the end of all mortals (death) which also causes the transition of the living to the great beyond to which is the beginning of the new form of life with attendant blessing upon the living in form of agriculture, soil fertility and human emancipation while the gold colour lining gray of hope for the youth and posterity.

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I love the red and black traditional attire of the Idoma people. But, I will love to see the red and black with the gold colour lining in the middle of the Idoma traditional attire, just maybe that will be the most beautiful attire so far in the world.

Mon, 25-Apr-22 - 19:32
Joe Amuche

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