Geoffrey Oche Apeh
Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics, 2015

The Idoma language has received serious setbacks on account of either wrong transcription or outright rejection of patronage as a result of a number of issues notable among which is orthography problems. This paper is set to give a vivid analysis of both morphological as well as phonological features of Idoma language and spot out reasons for error in giving wrong orthographies.

It is set to advance reasons for advocating the disjunctive method of orthography as against the proponents of conjunctive approach. The role of elision in the negative influence of conjunctive writing was given to enable clarity. A practical transformational analysis of Idoma
structural elements was also given to prove the effectiveness of the matter in question. At the end of the paper, some useful suggestions were given to help the proper orthography of the Idoma language.

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