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Idoma People of Yala Land

Who are the Idoma people of Yala, Cross River State and how are they related to the Idoma people of Benue State? Will they ever come back to their ancestral home again?

Meet 6 Professional Families in Idoma Land

Idoma land is becoming renowned as a talent pool in all spheres of human endeavours, from academics, politics, sports to entertainment. Look closely and you would find an Idoma son or daughter holding it down. Today I am going to focus on families of Idoma descent who have chosen same career path.

Abutu Obekpa: More than a political godfather

As I thought of writing this piece, the song "Ainya" by the legendary Bongos Ikwue, popped up in my head especially the line, "okpa l’nmo' iyenu bin", which literally translates into "even if a river/stream has dried up, it still would not lose its name". This line aptly encapsulates the life of late Chief Abutu Obekpa, a prominent first republic Idoma politician. His life was a story of an icon that went from growing trees to raising leaders.