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Ogbadibo local government area

Ogbadibo local government area was created in 1991 and has three of the 22 Idoma districts; Otukpa, Orokam and Owukpa with Otukpa as headquarters. The local government area derives its name from the Ogbadibo stream which flows through the area. In the March 2006 census, Ogbadibo local government area had a population of 130,988 and was projected to be 176,800 in 2016.

Ogbadibo local government area is bordered by Okpokwu local government area to the east, Olamaboro local government area of Kogi State  to the North, Udenu and Igbo-Eze North local government areas of Enugu State to the west and Isi-Uzo local government area of Enugu State to the south. 

The people of Ogbadibo local government area are predominantly farmers with cassava, millet, palm wine and palm oil produced in commercial quantities. This means the markets in the area are usually busy with traders from other parts of Benue State as well as neighbouring states.

There are large coal and kaolin deposits in Owukpa and Orokam respectively.  Different opportunities are currently being explored to recommence mining of the Owukpa deposits which was suspended in the past due to economic downturn.

The markets in Ogbadibo local government area are Ukwo Ogbor Otukpa, Ede Otukpa, Ukwo Orokam, Ede Owukpa (small market) and Aho Ogbor Owukpa (Aho market).

Ukwo Market in Otukpa
Ukwo Market in Otukpa

The people of the Ogbadibo local government area predominantly speak a dialect of Idoma language.

The Och'Idoma IV, Agabaidu Elias Obekpa, was from Otukpa district, while the current Ad'Ogbadibo, Chief Emmanuel Odeh, is from Owukpa district.

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Egwu Anthony Egwu - Sun, 28-Aug-22 - 20:00

I am proudly An Ogbadibo son, from Orokam ward II. I love to know more about Ogbadibo. Please are there other smaller (daily) markets in Orokam ward II?

alice - Tue, 18-Jan-22 - 21:38

I am proud to be an Idoma person from OGBADIBO

Ejeh David - Fri, 26-Feb-21 - 09:18

Great write up. But I would have loved some write ups about their markets, masquerades, streams and lifestyle. How their king are elected and how marriages are being done. A general knowledge about the

Chris Kristocris - Fri, 03-Jul-20 - 17:34

Well done sir

Emmisko Emmisko - Wed, 11-Jul-18 - 12:36

We need more

Candidus Onoja - Tue, 26-Jun-18 - 16:57

I am proud of my local govt OGBADIBO LGA.

Gabriel John Gabriel - Mon, 18-Sep-17 - 11:10

Thank God am from idoma nation at ogbadibo LCA of benue state

Oche Moysis Frosh - Thu, 07-Sep-17 - 13:25

sure they are de best

Johnson Abah James - Wed, 12-Jul-17 - 15:25

They are the best....ThankGod am from Idoma part of nig

Ibekwe Bright - Wed, 04-Oct-17 - 08:52

In reply to by Johnson Abah James

Please do you people have any relationship with the Igbos?

Precious Berry Akin - Fri, 06-May-16 - 16:33

 luv my people..

Peter Owoicho Ameh - Wed, 20-Apr-16 - 01:28


Michael Ali - Thu, 31-Mar-16 - 12:21


Blessing Ene … - Tue, 16-Feb-16 - 04:22

Yeah nice one there