Have you been posted to Benue State for NYSC or are you married to or dating an Idoma man / woman or just interested in learning how to speak Idoma language? Then you have come to the right place. Following numerous requests from our site visitors, we have decided to provide free Idoma language lessons in the form of short videos.

These videos are available on our YouTube channel and each video has a theme to it. We hope you find the videos useful in your journey to become fluent in Idoma language. Remember to practice the words and sentences with Idoma speakers as you can only become fluent by holding conversations.

The YouTube channel is called "Learn Idoma Language" and links to some of our playlists are shown below:

  1. Idoma Language
  2. Numbers in Idoma
  3. Animals in Idoma
  4. Food in Idoma
  5. Socials in Idoma
  6. Christianity
  7. Culture
  8. Fashion


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Caroline - Sun, 02-May-21 - 14:08

I love idoma language