Cooking, Eating & Drinking - Part 3

This is the third in our series of words and phrases about cooking, eating & drinking in Idoma.

The words & phrases in this video are

  1. Please add meat to the food
  2. There is no meat in the soup
  3. The food was delicious
  4. Is the food delicious
  5. There is no salt in the food
  6. There is too much salt in the food
  7. Bitter
  8. It’s bitter
  9. Do you have alcohol
  10. Drink alcohol
  11. Palm wine
  12. I want to drink palm wine
  13. Bottle
  14. Give me a bottle of beer
  15. Can I buy you a drink
  16. Can I buy you a meal
  17. Can you please buy me a meal
  18. Who will pay for the drinks
  19. Who will pay for the food