How to ask communication questions in Idoma


Here are ways to ask about languages and communication in Idoma. The video also has the expected responses to these questions.

Words and sentences in this video are:

  1. English Language
  2. Question
  3. Questioning
  4. Ask
  5. Ask or question me
  6. He/she asked or questioned me
  7. He/she is asking or questioning me
  8. Are you asking or questioning me
  9. Answer
  10. Answer Me
  11. Please, answer me
  12. Give me an answer
  13. Please, give me an answer
  14. Do you speak English
  15. Can you speak English
  16. Yes, I can speak English
  17. No, I can’t speak English
  18. I don’t understand what you said
  19. I didn’t hear what you said
  20. Do you understand English
  21. Yes, I understand English
  22. No, I don’t understand English
  23. Do you speak Idoma
  24. Yes, I speak Idoma
  25. Yes, I can speak Idoma
  26. Yes, I speak a little
  27. I can’t speak Idoma
  28. I can’t speak Idoma very well
  29. Could you please speak a little slower
  30. Call him/her on the phone
  31. How do you say this in Idoma
  32. What does this mean in Idoma Language
  33. Which language can you speak
  34. I can speak Ibo
  35. I can speak Hausa
  36. I can speak Yoruba
  37. What language do you speak
  38. I speak Nupe