Let’s Talk about Transportation in Idoma

Our theme today is transportation and in this video we give the names of different modes of transportation and different examples of sentences about transportation.

Words and phrases in this video are:

  1. Road
  2. Wide
  3. The road between Makurdi & Otukpo is so bad
  4. Abuja roads are so wide
  5. Have a safe trip or journey
  6. Bridge
  7. That bridge is narrow
  8. Plane
  9. Go by
  10. Are you going to Lagos by road or flight
  11. Which road did you take home
  12. Arrive
  13. Safely
  14. Did you get home safely
  15. Yes, I arrived home safely
  16. Far
  17. It’s far
  18. It’s not far
  19. Journey
  20. He’s/she’s going on a journey
  21. He/she went on a long journey
  22. River or Stream
  23. Canoe
  24. We crossed the stream in a canoe
  25. Bicycle
  26. Ride or go on
  27. Ride a bike
  28. My child doesn’t know how to ride a bike
  29. Daddy, I want to ride a bike
  30. To drive or to pilot
  31. Car
  32. Drive a car
  33. Do you know how to drive car
  34. Have they taught you how to drive
  35. He/she drives so rough
  36. The journey to Lagos by car is too long
  37. Train
  38. Drive a train
  39. A lady is driving this train
  40. I’ll take a train from Abuja to Kaduna
  41. Pilot a plane
  42. In a hurry
  43. Why are you in a hurry, are you the pilot
  44. Bus
  45. Take a bus to Makurdi
  46. Horn
  47. Hoot your horn for him/her
  48. Ship