Idoma Names: Masculine

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1. Abah

Gathering of heroes

2. Abakpa

Someone from the north

3. Aboh

War Lord

4. Ada


5. Ãdãh

Father of nations

6. Adakole

Father of the family

7. Adam

My Father

8. Adama

Dad's favourite

9. Adole

Father of the home

10. Agaba


11. Agbo

Town crier

12. Ajeh


13. Ajenu

The future is unknown

14. Ajetamene

Soft Landing

15. Akogwu

War hero

16. Akor

War leader

17. Alechenu


18. Ameh

There is an end to everything

19. Anyebe


20. Apeh

Scabbard, i.e. the sheath used in protecting a sword

21. Apochi


22. Atama

Chief priest

23. Edoka

A question has been asked

24. Egba

Shout of joy or victory

25. Eje


26. Ejelikwu

Born for death (usually given when there has been frequent deaths of newborns in the family)

27. Ek'oche

My Own

28. Ekere

Illness is not a barrier

29. Ekoja

One who was born in the market

30. Ekondu

The lord's own

31. Elaigwu

Words are as sharp as a sword

32. Emoche

Born a King

33. Enenche

Good tidings (thanks to God for seeing the dawn of a new day)

34. Enogela

There is a time for everything

35. Ewache

Majority decision rules

36. Ichekani

Tomorrow cannot be foreseen

37. Idoko

One who lives on the farm

38. Igba

A very strong man who cannot be defeated (a warrior)

39. Ikwuje

Death knows it

40. Inalegwu

I have been vindicated

41. Inedu

Home of peace

42. Inyofu

Strong Man (usually answered by people from Eguma Agatu)

43. Itodo


44. Ngbede


45. Obe


46. Obekpa


47. Obogwu

Brave part

48. Obotu

Comforter (peace at heart)

49. Obute

Victory or crossover

50. Ochayi

King of children