Idoma Names: Masculine

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SNo. Name Meaning
51. Ochayi

King of children

52. Oche


53. Ocheje

No one really knows why except God

54. Ocheme

A generation of kings has ended

55. Ochemeyi

King's offspring

56. Ocheoho

The position of a leader is a burden

57. Ochohepo

God is the best adjudicator

58. Ochojila

Peoples King

59. Ocholuje

A tree with spikes, that cannot be rushed upon

60. Ochube

Success story

61. Odumu


62. Ogangbo

My gift

63. Ogbole

Leader of family home (usually given when a father dies before the birth of a child)

64. Ogebe


65. Ogejuma

Put to the test

66. Ogwuche

Honour or respect of the king

67. Ojechema

One who came to test the word

68. Ojobo

God is great

69. Ojonye

One who is compassionate hardly receives compassion from others

70. Okoh

Great farmer

71. Okpe

Someone with good vision like an eagle

72. Okwo

The Pillar

73. Okwori

Persevering against all odds

74. Oloche

Having friends & family is true wealth

75. Omaba


76. Omaga


77. Omale

A renowned scribe or man of wisdom

78. Omonu

Son of a king (prince)

79. Ondugbe

God is wonderful or God is too much

80. Onjefu

Who can predict tomorrow?

81. Onnah


82. Onogwu

War leader

83. Onoja

Market leader (a very resourceful person)

84. Onum

He that pursues me in my innocence, pursues shadows.

85. Oteikwu

Hunting is deadly

86. Owoicho


87. Owoicho Echi K'Ikobi

God is the healer of Ikobi people. 

88. Ujah