Idoma Names

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SNo. Name Meaning
51. Eleyi

They've got eyes to see

52. Ema


53. Emiene

The name is derived from the saying Emiene Owoicho Miowu and it means God has the final say.

54. Emoche

Born a King

55. Enayi

Mother of children

56. Ene


57. Enekole

Mother of the family

58. Enenche

Good tidings (thanks to God for seeing the dawn of a new day)

59. Enene

Mother of all Mothers

60. Enoche

Mother of a King

61. Enogela

There is a time for everything

62. Enyanwu

The sun goddess

63. Ewache

Majority decision rules

64. Ichekani

Tomorrow cannot be foreseen

65. Idenyi

The river goddess

66. Idoko

One who lives on the farm

67. Igba

A very strong man who cannot be defeated (a warrior)

68. Igbe

My portion

69. Ihotu


70. Ijewoda

Money is a source of pride

71. Ikpa

Determination, confidence, sincerity

72. Ikwubiela

Death has destroyed everything.

73. Ikwuje

Death knows it

74. Ikwulono

Death is painful

75. Inalegwu

I have been vindicated

76. Inedu

Home of peace

77. Inyofu

Strong Man (usually answered by people from Eguma Agatu)

78. Itodo


79. Iyono

Unfortunate, unlucky, bad luck

80. Iyowoichofe

God's will or plan is greater

81. Ngbede


82. Obe


83. Obekpa


84. Obiabo

Someone who has always gives to others

85. Obiye


86. Obogwu

Brave part

87. Obotu

Comforter (peace at heart)

88. Obute

Victory or crossover

89. Ochanya


90. Ochayi


91. Oche


92. Ocheje

No one really knows why except God

93. Ocheme

A generation of kings has ended

94. Ochemeyi

King's offspring

95. Ocheoho

The position of a leader is a burden

96. Ochfije

A human is worth more than money

97. Ochohepo

God is the best adjudicator

98. Ochojila

Peoples King

99. Ocholuje

A tree with spikes, that cannot be rushed upon

100. Ochube

Success story