Idoma Names

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SNo. Name Meaning
101. Odachi


102. Odaleko

Season i.e there is time for everything

103. Odumu


104. Ogangbo

My gift

105. Oganya

Women leader

106. Ogbole

Leader of family home (usually given when a father dies before the birth of a child)

107. Ogebe


108. Ogejuma

Put to the test

109. Ogodo

Mother of all mums

110. Ogwa

Abundance or rainy season

111. Ogwuche

Honour or respect of the king

112. Ohi

Beautiful, beauty, good

113. Ojechema

One who came to test the word

114. Ojobo

God is great

115. Ojonya

Extremely beautiful

116. Ojonye

One who is compassionate hardly receives compassion from others

117. Ojoyilano

We've been give a child or treasure by God

118. Oka

Royal bead

119. Okoh

Great farmer

120. Okpe

Someone with good vision like an eagle

121. Okwo

The Pillar

122. Okwori

Persevering against all odds

123. Oloche

Having friends & family is true wealth

124. Olotuche

The faithful one

125. Oloture


126. Omaba


127. Omaga


128. Omale

A renowned scribe or man of wisdom

129. Omonu

Son of a king (prince)

130. Ondugbe

God is wonderful or God is too much

131. Onduka

Ordained by God

132. Onjefu

Who can predict tomorrow?

133. Onma

Ornament or beauty

134. Onnah


135. Onogwu

War leader

136. Onoja

Market leader (a very resourceful person)

137. Onum

He that pursues me in my innocence, pursues shadows.

138. Onyaomale


139. Onyeche

Who wants to be relegated?

140. Onyechi

A child dedicated to the gods

141. Onyeje

Who knows tomorrow

142. Onyela

Virtuous woman

143. Onyemowo

Who holds or knows your destiny?

144. Onyeyibo

A beautiful child.

145. Onyiloko

Woman of strong virtues

146. Onyiowo

Woman of rain

147. Oofuni

God's grace is not sourced by force

148. Oteikwu

Hunting is deadly

149. Owagoyi

Only God can give a child

150. Owoicho