Idoma Names

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SNo. Name Meaning
151. Onjefu Who can predict the future or a child's destiny is unknown
152. Onma Ornament or beauty
153. Onnah


154. Onogwu

War leader

155. Onoja

Market leader (a very resourceful person)

156. Onuh Sunset
157. Onum

He that pursues me in my innocence, pursues shadows.

158. Onyaomale


159. Onyeche

Who wants to be relegated?

160. Onyechi

A child dedicated to the gods

161. Onyeje

Who knows tomorrow

162. Onyela

Virtuous woman

163. Onyema Who has seen?
164. Onyemowo Who holds or knows your destiny?
165. Onyeyibo

A beautiful child.

166. Onyiloko

Woman of strong virtues

167. Onyiowo

Woman of rain

168. Oofuni

God's grace is not sourced by force

169. Oteikwu

Hunting is deadly

170. Owagoyi Only God can give children
171. Owakoyi Only God can give children
172. Owoicho


173. Owoicho Echi K'Ikobi

God is the healer of Ikobi people. 

174. Owoichofie God's will or plan is greater
175. Owole

Child of destiny

176. Owoloyi A destiny's child
177. Owonya

Saved by grace or freedom

178. Oya


179. Oyi'owoicho Child of God
180. Oyibinga

I can endure for a child

181. Oyife

A child is greater than wealth

182. Oyiwoda

A child is a source of pride

183. Oyiwodu A child is wealth
184. Ude There is strength in community
185. Ujah


186. Umolo Exclamation of joy or victory