Compliments & Love Phrases in Idoma


Sweet nothings & terms of endearment in Idoma. Practise, practise & practise phrases like "I Love You" in Idoma, so that you can impress your other half.


We made a minor mistake in the spelling of "sweet" though the pronunciation is correct. So these 2 phrases should read: YOUR LOVE IS SWEETER THAN HONEY = IHOTU KWOR L'ONYE FIE ENWU YOU’RE SO SWEET = AA L'ONYE NEHI

Words & phrases translated in this video are:

  1. You're so beautiful
  2. You're so sweet
  3. Your love is sweeter than honey
  4. My love
  5. I love you
  6. I love you so much
  7. Do you love me?
  8. Queen
  9. Queen of Queens
  10. My wife
  11. My husband