Otukpo Local Government Area

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Otukpo local government area with its headquarters in Otukpo town is centrally located in Idoma Land. Otukpo is the oldest and most developed local government area in Idoma land.

The local government area is bordered to the north by Apa local government area; to the south by Obi, Ado & Okpokwu local government areas; to the east by Gwer West and Gwer East local government areas and to the west by Ohimini local government area and Ankpa local government area of Kogi State.

In addition to metropolitan Otukpo town other prominent places in the local government area include Ogobia, Upu, Otukpoicho, Otobi, Adoka, Oyagede and Akpa-Igede.

Otukpo local government area is known for rice, yam, cassava, guinea corn and maize production. The local government area also has rich forest reserves hence the presence of many saw mills in the area.
The local government area has large reserves of kaolin with the potential for commercial exploration in addition to the large deposit of clay soil which has given risen to clay brick cottage industries in the area.

The people of the Otukpo local government area predominantly speak a dialect of Idoma language except for the Akpa people (found around Otobi – Allan axis) who speak Akweya language.