O'hum Otu is a song by Raphman Ejembi about professing love to a lady.
Idoma Worship Chant (Akanaba Obi'ole Hai) by Okopi Peterson.
A 2008 song by A-Jay Odeh preaching the values of unity within the family, the community and the wider society.
A motivational idoma song that talks about strength of character & the need to keep winning no matter the setbacks in life.
Adaptation of the folk song about Alaglanu village.
This is Ray Oche's version of the Idoma folk song about a village beauty called Iwongo.
This song translates the fundamental optimism of Idoma people
A 2019 song from the Dynamic Twins celebrating Idoma language and people
A 2018 video from the Dynamic Twins for the song titled Miracle Worker
In Oleya, Monica Ogah praises God for the great things he’s done in her life.
A feel good song with an Idoma chorus
A song by Ekere Israel about singing praises to the Lord
A song thanking God for everything he's done
This song is a call for peace in Idoma Land
Ihotu kum is a soft song about love