Adaptation of the folk song about Alaglanu village.
This is Ray Oche's version of the Idoma folk song about a village beauty called Iwongo.
This song translates the fundamental optimism of Idoma people
A 2019 song from the Dynamic Twins celebrating Idoma language and people
A 2018 video from the Dynamic Twins for the song titled Miracle Worker
In Oleya, Monica Ogah praises God for the great things he’s done in her life.
Oyeyi, is an acoustic song by Polycarp Iwodi which discusses the drama of life.
A feel good song with an Idoma chorus
A song by Ekere Israel about singing praises to the Lord
A song thanking God for everything he's done
This song is a call for peace in Idoma Land
Ihotu kum is a soft song about love
A song about God being in control of one's happiness
This song is about the ills of gossips
Eche Une sees Bongos Ikwue sing about the ups and downs in the world.