Akwu Sunday Victor

Words selected by a native speaker of a language help in the apprehension of meaning in communication. In verbal as well written communication, the choice of words by both parties (the speaker/hearer) is a function of psychological processes. Words keep tumbling out of the mouths or pen of the communicators, these words have their provenance in the mind, thus, words are products of human thought.

However, there must be alignment between the thought pattern of the speaker and that of the hearer and vice versa for effective transmission of meaning. Idoma and igala are two independent languages. However, the thought pattern of these languages which is analysable in their syntax is similar. The arrangement of words to generate meaning in igala language is similar to that of idoma language. This is by no means providential but a function of certain factors.

This paper thus seeks to determine the factors responsible for the similarity in the thought pattern of the languages underscore and concludes that languages that have ancestral ties share certain linguistic characteristics aside from cultural traits. These features include similarity in thought pattern and meaning generation.

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