Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies Issue 27, July-December 2015

Investigation of the Physical Properties of Tiles produced with Otukpo Clay

The study focuses on the production of floor tiles using local clay from Otukpo, Nigeria by plastic forming and properties of the tiles such as absorption, acid resistance, bulk density, compressive strength, and colour change, modulus of rupture, plasticity, shrinkage and thermal shock resistance were investigated. Different samples of tiles were formulated by blending the clay with feldspar, quartz, grog and filler. The compressive strength and modulus of rupture were found to be highest, 482 kg/cm2 and 487.5 kg/cm2 respectively for the clay tile sample. It bulk density was 2.31kg/cm3 and water absorption was 3%. 

The shrinkage of the clay sample was 16%, however with clay body of 40% clay, 20% feldspar and 40% quartz, it dropped to 6%. All the samples show good resistance to acid attack, thermal shock and have good plasticity. The tile  properties showed that they could be used as floor or wall tiles. They could also be used for quarry tiles.

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