Agatu Methodist Church Opening

An American pastor and an Idoma attorney helped restore an Agatu church in time for Easter Sunday five years after Fulani herdsmen destroyed it in a raid that killed hundreds, bringing "hope and healing in the midst of a very murderous regime."

Pastor William "P.B." Devlin of New York City, CEO of the nongovernmental organisation REDEEM!, and Emmanuel Ogebe, an international human rights lawyer from the Nigeria Law Group in the United States, teamed up to support the hurting Agatu community.

Following a disaster five years ago, the two men assisted in raising funds to restore the community's devastated Methodist church. “Healing and hope: those are two great words that we’ve seen in a very practical way,” Devlin, the missions pastor at Infinity Bible Church in the Bronx, told The Christian Post in an interview.

Healing and hope: those are two great words that we’ve seen in a very practical way

In February 2016, Fulani assailants demolished and burned the Agatu Methodist Church. They murdered five members of the church, as well as hundreds of members of the Agatu group, and destroyed over 70 houses.

Devlin paid a visit to Agatu in October 2020, promising church members that "by faith, by God's grace, and with trust in the Lord Jesus, the church will be fully finished by March 25, and then we will be in the finished church by Resurrection Day Sunday services."

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