Moses Simon

Many societies view their children's adventures in foreign lands as a blessing from God, and they hope that when their children reach the pinnacle of their fame, they will allow such good news to trickle down to them in a variety of ways.

That is exactly what happened in Obagaji, Agatu Local Government Area, when Super Eagles star, Moses Simon, drilled three boreholes to end their quest for potable water.

Simon, a native of Benue State who has spent the majority of his life in Kaduna, still remembers the people from his hometown, a gesture that has won him praises and commendations from the community's leader, Chief James Ocheche.

Chief Ocheche explained their predicament, saying that the people of the area have been without potable water since the region's inception, and that they have been dependent on rainwater or stream water for their daily needs and consumption.
The project is just one of the 25-year-many old's educational initiatives this year.

He recently reached out to the Internally Displaced People (IDP) of Southern Kaduna, providing them with clothing, food, and medicine, as well as paying for their free medical treatment and N500,000 in cash.

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