Integrated Journal of Environment, Science & Technology, 2006

Engineering Properties of Ugbokolo Soil in Relation to Foundation Problems

Some engineering properties of Ugbokolo soil in relation to foundation problems have been studied using standard laboratory procedures. Soil classification and estimation of few of its geotechnical properties were also done. The analytical results reveal that the Ugbokolo soil is a coarse-grained lateritic sandy soil. It is cohesionless and non-plastic in nature. In addition, it possesses a low consistency state, besides being non-active. Soils of this nature on loading could result in gradual transfer of load from fluids to the mineral skeleton; as water moves through the soil.

This results in differential settlement over a long period of time. This failure has been the experience of many engineering structures in the Ugbokolo district. Therefore, it
is recommended that proper engineering appraisal including mechanical compaction be carried out before foundation work is established on the soil.

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