Publisher, 2015
2Baba Case Study

Searching for the Philosophy of Negritude in African Music: A Critical Study of 2Face Idibia’s African Queen

With all intents and purposes, the song under study African Queen by 2Face Idibia is an intellectual exercise executed with formidable precision. Precisely, the study sees this song as a re-enactment of negritudist philosophy in the African arts form. The researcher adopts a critical analytical approach through the theoretical lens of cultural poetics having in mind the integration of the different arts forms such as music, dance, poetry and painting.

The researcher first of all listens to the song, transcribes it from the text of oral to its written form for analysis. This analysis of the song using literary techniques helps in decoding and encoding the metaphorical deposits in it in order to bring out its deeper meaning. To achieve this, a simplification approach is adopted where the symbolisers and the symbolised as well as the signifiers and the signified are identified and placed side by side for easy understanding.

A pdf copy is available to download from website.


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Abah Ikwue - Thu, 29-Sep-16 - 04:47

The song presents a perfect example of the relationship between music and poetry