Global Journals Inc. Volume 15 Issue 2, 2015

The Symbolic Death of Monarchs in the Process of Installation in Idoma Land: A Paradigm for Fighting Corruption in Nigeria

The paper examines the symbolic death of monarchs in the process of the traditional installation in Idoma land as a paradigm for fighting corruption in Nigeria. It observes that there are a lot of lessons that could be learnt and imbibed by Nigerians and the Nigerian leadership from the aforementioned, in the fight against corruption that has become the bane or hurdle to all our developmental aspirations as individuals and as a collective. This has informed the study.

In order to catapult the country into greater heights for sustainable growth and development in all ramifications, there is every need as a matter of urgent national importance for corruption and all corrupt tendencies to be tackled head long and reduced to the barest minimum. One way of doing this, is through the employment of the beliefs and practices surrounding the symbolic death of monarchs in the process of installation in Idoma land. Whereby, monarchs become death to all negative tendencies in the discharge of their duties to those they rule or reign over, including but not limited to corruption and corrupt tendencies.

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