Contaminated Meat on Sale


The Head of Quality Control,  Nigeria Commodity Exchange (NCX), Dr. Khadijah Abdulaziz has disclosed that some meat sellers in parts of the country now spray dangerous and poisonous substances like sniper on meat before selling them thereby endangering the lives of unsuspecting meat consumers.

Dr. Abdulaziz made this known yesterday in Makurdi during a one-day training for women and youths from Makurdi and Guma local government areas of Benue state on commodity trading organised by NCX in collaboration with Sandstone Associates.

She lamented that the new practice was exposing Nigerians to live threatening ailments and diseases which often times lead to untimely death. According to Dr. Abdulaziz, the trend among meat sellers in many markets in the the country is that they mix dangerous chemicals like sniper in water and sprinkle it around and on the meat they intend to sell to consumers in order to chase away flies. “We all know that snipers is dangerous to the health of anyone that consumes it but meat sellers use it directly on meat products. That is why these days, if you go to some markets to buy meat, you can hardly find flies because they now spray sniper on them.


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