Idris O.O. Amali
Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies, 1997

Alekwu Poetry as a Source of Historical Reconstruction: The Pursuit of Idoma-Otukpo Origin, Genealogy and Migration: This paper attempts a historical investigation into the origin, genealogy and migration of the Idoma-Otukpo people of Benue State of Nigeria.

The pdf of this paper is available to download from Ufahamu: A Journal of African Studies website.


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Joe Dom Okoh - Sat, 16-Sep-17 - 13:48

Wao! This must be a must-read for all Idomas. Is the paper available? Regards.

Oche Ukah - Tue, 05-Sep-17 - 06:21

How do i get a copy of this book or article?

Abojeh Peter - Tue, 04-Aug-15 - 10:54

How and where do i get a copy of this book? Thanks