A History of the Peoples of Benue State, Vol 1

Y. Ochefu, A. Varvar and J. Iyo
Aboki Publishers, 2006
history of peoples

A History of the Peoples of Benue State introduces students of history and general readers alike to a new body of knowledge on diverse themes on the people of Benue State. The importance of this volume cannot be over-emphasized. Beyond serving as a valuable source for the history of the peoples of Benue State, it clearly demonstrates the common historical background of the peoples of the area.

It reveals the striking similarities between the economic, social and political practices of the various people of the area, The similarities, for instance, in the evolution and characteristics of such political institutions as the Tor-Agbande and the Oche among the Tiv and the Idoma respectively, clearly suggests that the historical basis for the unity of the area has not yet been properly appreciated until now.