The name Itodo means porcupine and it is a name borrowed from Igala language.

Watch this YouTube video for the pronunciation of this name

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James - Fri, 30-Sep-22 - 12:42

What is the meaning of ITODO

Benard Itodo - Mon, 22-Aug-22 - 11:02

I really want to know the meaning of that name Itodo in idoma, I really don't know the meaning and what am seeing online it's not encouraging so please help me out in telling me what It means

Itodo - Thu, 19-May-22 - 08:45

No, Itodo in Idoma means, great hunter. It is a title given to some clans.

Omoka. - Sat, 12-Nov-22 - 10:42

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Thank you. Because I find it difficult to believe that name means a porcupine. I can't be a porcupine lol.

Janet - Sat, 04-Dec-21 - 18:05


Janet - Sat, 04-Dec-21 - 18:04