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Otukpo Town is the headquarters of Otukpo local government area and is also home to the Och’Idoma Palace. Otukpo Town is a metropolitan town and the most developed place in Idoma land with a good presence of amenities such as roads, hospitals, schools, water and telecommunications.

Aside from Idoma people, there are communities of other Nigerian tribes such as Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo and Tiv. Most members of these communities have lived long enough in Otukpo Town and have made it their home thereby becoming Idoma through settlement.

Residents of Otukpo Town are predominantly Christians and Muslim but unlike other parts of Nigeria, followers of the two religions have lived together in peace hence the reputation of Otukpo Town as a peaceful and friendly place to live.

Though Otukpo Town is mainly inhabited by civil servants, it is also a vibrant commercial town. The main market attracts a huge number of traders and visitors from neighbouring towns and villages on a daily basis. Other commercial activities in the town include cottage sandal making industries, a rice mill, restaurants and bars.

Otukpo is linked by road to the rest of the country via a trunk A road from Enugu to Makurdi and road transportation to & from Otukpo Town is via commercial bus & taxi services. Popular transport companies plying different routes to Otukpo Town include Ageshi Transport, Silva Travel, Benue Links, Pleasure Travel, Ifesinachi, Calculux and Boston Express. The Port Harcourt to Kaduna railway line also passes through Otukpo Town with a railway station in the town.

Major commercial banks with branches in Otukpo include First Bank, Agriculture & Co-operative Bank, Oceanic Bank, Intercontinental Bank, Unity Bank, Bank PHB, UBA and Zenith Bank.

Hotels in Otukpo Town include Kankpo Hotel, Golden Palm Resort, Double K Resort, Dolphin Hotel, Leech Hotel, Vanapo Hotel and Otukpo Club Resort.

Some of the secondary schools in Otukpo town include St. Francis College, Wesley High School, St Annes Secondary School and Government Model Secondary School.

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