21. First person from Otukpo to feature in a FIFA World Cup (1983): Wahab Adesina
22. First Female Lawyer from Idoma Land (1980): Justice Patricia Ajuma Mahmoud
23. First Nigerian to obtain a PhD in Modern Drama (1976): Professor Shamsudeen Amali (OFR)
24. First Chief of the Air Staff (1969): Brigadier Emmanuel E Ikwue
25. First Idoma graduate of the prestigious Imperial College London (1967): Professor Ochapa Chico Onazi
26. First Idoma Graduate from the prestigious Imperial College, London (1967): Professor Ochapa Chico Onazi
27. First Medical Doctor from Idoma Land (1963): Dr Edwin Idoko Obe (Late)
28. First Lawyer from Idomaland (1960): Chief Morgan Ujor Ogbole (Late)
29. First qualified Midwife from Idoma Land (1953): Lady Enikpa Attah (Late)
30. First Graduate from Present Day Benue State (1951): HRH, Agabaidu Edwin Ogbu - Och'Idoma III
31. First Idoma girl to complete secondary education (1951): Lady Enikpa Attah (Late)
32. First Och'Idoma (1947): HRH, Agabaidu Ogiri Oko - Och' Idoma I
33. Author of first book ever published about Idoma language (1935): Dr Roy Clive Abraham (Late)